Ways to protect children from coronavirus

Corona Virus
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Corona virus disease has been around since the winter. At that time all the school exams of the children were almost over. So they had a kind of home isolation because of the holidays. This reduces their risk of infection. In order for a virus to enter the cells of the human body, it must be accompanied by a receptor. Whose name is ACE2 receptor. It has been shown that coronaviruses do not look good because of the low levels of these receptors in the cells of children. It also seems to be one of the reasons why children are more immune to some of the virus infections they experience throughout the year.

Infected means whether or not you have positive symptoms, you need to take antibiotics. If a child is infected with corona for more than 15 minutes within a meter, he or she should be placed on the list of suspects. If the child is under 18 and learns to understand, he or she can be kept in a separate home. A total of 14 days of caution and contact with health workers.

The taste in the mouth goes away during the infection. It is better not to give any new food, fish, meat and vegetables can be given with what Rose eats. Orange or musambi lemon juice can be given. However, there is no need to give vitamins separately at that time.

The corona virus has given birth to many rules in a civilized society. This applies to everyone from small to big. Maintaining physical distance, washing hands, using sanitizer should also be used in all schools after the lockdown.

The mother may have all the protectors with the infected baby. However, a little risk remains. And so you need to keep in touch with health workers regularly. If the child recovers from the corona infection, the child should not have any physical problems later.

Better a poor horse than no horse at all

Although masks have not been shown to be effective against viruses, they can prevent at least some germs from entering the mouth or nose. More importantly, when wearing a mask, a person’s hand does not go to the mouth or nose from time to time If you are sick, such a mask will protect others from attack

Hand washing On the advice of the World Health Organization, but not wearing a mask Their number one advice is to wash your hands well regularly It is best to use an alcohol-rich liquid, as you can see in the picture

Soap, water will do

Hand Wash

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The World Health Organization says that you should wash your hands with soap and water However, make sure that the whole hand is washed well

Properly sneezing and coughing

Take a good look at the picture When sneezing and coughing, you should cover your face and nose in this way However, you can also use tissue In that case, after use, the tissue should be removed and the hands should be washed well In the same way, the shirt and sweater should be washed

Stay away!

This advice may not work for everyone That is, stay away from those who have fever and cough If you have to serve sick people, take extra security measures

If you have a fever, go to the doctor, do not go around!

If you have a fever, cough or shortness of breath, you should see a doctor as soon as possible Avoid going to places where there are more people

Not half-baked!

Meat must be cooked very well If it is half perfect, it will not work Raw meat, milk or animal limbs should be moved in such a way that they do not come in contact with uncooked food.

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