Balanced diet to prevent childhood obesity but how?

Children will be malnourished if the baby’s food is inadequate or defective. So healthy and naturally, it is necessary to take care of healthy nutritional food for the child to grow. During the selection of the child’s food, the important aspects of its age, its activity, wellness etc. are noticeable.

Healthy Eating Habits for a Health kids
Healthy Eating Habits for a Health kids

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Childhood can be divided into three categories:-

Such as 1 to 3 years, 3-6 years [pre-school going], 6-12 years [school going]. Again, for the growth of the baby, it is particularly important to monitor the calories of its diet, protein, minerals salt [calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, and iodine], vitamins [A, D, C, B-complex], water and milk. Then you need to know that there is some difference in the age of food.

For example, the 1-3-year-old child needs daily kilocalories 1210-1250. But the 3-6-year-old child needs 1700 kilocalories. In that case, there is a need of 6-12 years of childhood 1950-2100 kilocalories. In this case, there is a slight difference between the children. Protein needs more protein for every pennyweight per child age. But as the age increases, the weight of the protein increases evenly every kilogram. As such 1-3 years 1.5-2 grams / kg; 2 grams / kg in 3-6 years; In the 6 to 12 years, total protein needs 40-60 grams.

Case study: William is 7 years old. Get to the prestigious school. From 8 am to 1 pm, the standard one comes to the house and comes to bed after eating. From 5 pm to 8 pm, he reads to the mam. After eating dinner, the house works and goes to sleep at 11 pm. But when watching the cartoon,  playing mobile games at 1 o’clock, the day after day starts the same way. Today’s kids are growing up like this. They are not less busy than their parents. With so much stress, the kids cannot grow up properly. Now a days children are suffering from severe malnutrition due to such factors, Obesity or is less weight. Considering this condition of the children, today I am writing to their parents. Will the parents of the kids give them food or they will make them grow in a good time?


Healthy kids

Healthy Food for Healthy kid

Mother’s breast milk ideal diet for children of 1-6 months. There is no substitute for mother’s breast milk for all four-six-month-old children to develop and develop. The mothers should continue breast milk for 4-6 months. Fruit juices from 6 months of age but it must not be 150 ml. Children should be made aware of healthy foods (eg fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk) in small amounts. Chips, soft drinks, chocolate, such as the cheap brands, why are they not healthy food? If you do not want to eat them, they should be encouraged to eat healthy foods again and again.

Instead of eating more at one time, they will have to develop their food habits in smaller portions. At least 60 minutes a day, he will be physically active such as sports, exercise, walking etc.

Many mothers think that their babies health is better if they give more sugar or sweets or oils than children. This is a wrong idea. From childhood, regular sweet food or oil or fat food should be provided. The 1-6-year-old child can eat 6 teaspoons of sugar. Oil, cream, and butter can eat 5-6 teaspoons. Pasta, Noodles is the favorite food for kids now. But these are the processed carbohydrate foods. These foods have more calories than rice or bread. Sugar can be given to 200-300 grams of National Hole grain meal.

Milk of 2 cups of milk can be given to children of 1-3 years. For children aged 4-18 years, calories vary according to their weight, height, and sex and increase or decrease the amount of food. But to keep it in mind, it is possible to give 2 cup milk or dairy food daily. 100-200 grams of fish, meat, and pulses can be given to national food. 1-3 cups of vegetables, 1.5-2 cups of fruit can be given.

However, parents should be kept in mind so that food is not given to fast food, extra oil or spicy foods. Drinking enough water and playing it will also keep playing. Moderate sleep means 8 to 10 hours of sleep is required for children. Because of the need for sleep to increase the brain and body. In no way can their mental pressure be given. In this way, a baby will grow properly, but today children will be formed as leaders of the day.

There is no end to mother’s thoughts about eating and drinking the baby. What would happen if the acoustic matter, the food that a person consumes, is a matter of research? Meanwhile, there is a habit of eating a little bit or wanting to eat. That is why many mothers want to force the child to feed. But it is in contrast to the opposite. Due to the eating of Worthless, children are affected by obesity, or healthy children may become weak. Not only will it be dieted, children should be well aware of eating and drinking.

Age Calculator


Normal growth calculation

It is good to know this easy calculation for how much weight or height should be given at the age of the child. In the context of age, add 4 to age to know the normal weight and multiply the sum by 2. That is, if someone is 3 years old then we should weigh 14 kg.

In the first year, the height of the child usually increases to 75 centimeters. The height of four-year-old child increases by 100 centimeters per year. Estimated growth in the age of four to ten years is 5-10 centimeters.

Change Habit Your Child:-

  • The TV is not going on while eating the baby.
  • Fast Food, it’s excluding calories
  • Healthy drinks are harmful to any child’s health.
  • Liquid meals are useful for meals that can be eaten without meals

Do Not Want to Sickness to Obesity:

  • Sometimes, when the baby becomes lean, parents are more likely to feed him butter and ghee, vitamin tablet to make him healthy.
  • However, the child should not be stressed by eating any food. This causes fear of food to grow, increases the risk. If the child is hungry then it is better to feed.

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