Child Welfare and Protection –What we do ?

Today’s children will be tomorrow’s Leader. Without healthy child we can’t build our nation. So it is important for the nation to ensure the health of the children. Parents play a key role in the health of the children. Many of them are bathing on the body when they take a bath. There are many of them who are If there is a little dust on the body then the children will take a bath. They think, This will keep their children healthy. But experts say different things. They say that there is no harm if the germs are small in the children, Rather, the body learns to build resistance against microbes. Not every day, Rather, experts recommend bathing three to four days a week. Here are some information on child health protection in the light of various surveys:-

Eating Apple
Eating Apple

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The importance of apple in children’s health:

Many people know about the benefits of apples, but every day the baby is not eaten every day. However, a study of 13,000 children in the United States showed that, The children who grow up to one apple every day, They do not have to worry about being overweight or obese, That means that the apples help to not be obese.

Home change- increases the mental pressure of children:-

Children who suffer from stress due to stress or other reasons for changing their homes frequently. They have conducted a study with a total of 5 million children in the army’s family.It has been found that due to the change of house or place, many children have to seek the advice of a mental doctor later.

Sunlight enhances vision:-

Children who are free to play in the air and get enough light, their eyes are good. This information has been revealed from the results of an international research team survey. Because of the use of smartphones and computers, children in China are more vulnerable to winter than in summer. Because of the use of smartphones and computers, children in China are more vulnerable to winter than in summer. So experts say that special attention is being monitored in children’s eyes during this time.

Take Bath of Child
Take Bath of Child

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There is no need to take bath every day:-

 Bathing the children is not an easy task, although many mothers and babies need to take bath daily. Washington University Pediatrician Dr. Robert Sedbury said that there is no harm in the germs of children, but the body learns to fight against microbes and through this the immune system can be even stronger. So three or four times a week is sufficient for a child.

Air Pullution
Air Pollution

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Want a pollution free Environment :-

 The greater the level of pollution in the air, the less attention of the children to school education. That means lessening the learning ability of the children while in the air is polluted. This information came out of a research by the University of Barcelona, with 2700 children from 39 schools in the 7 to 10 years of age. So for children’s physical, mental development and full attention, pollution free air and beautiful environment.


Anti-depression medicine does not serve Children :-

The information that came out of a global research team with five thousand children aged 9 to 18 years of depression was published in the ‘lancet’ magazine. It has been said that anti-depression medicines do not work very well for the children, but due to the use of this medicine, some people start thinking about suicide.

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